Reiki Training – Level 1

with Lauren Manzke

an initiation into Reiki – open to all

August 20-21

9:30 am

1½ Days

About the Training

In this 1 & ½ day, interactive immersion with like-minded souls, you will learn how to open energy channels on a physical level, allowing you to connect to the universal life force energy and share it with others. This course shows you how to bring energy from the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands. You will learn appropriate placements for connecting energy to the chakras, organs, and assisting specific areas of the body to move stagnant or dormant energy. You will leave attuned to a new vibration with your Reiki initiation.  

If you are called to the Healing Arts or a Practitioner interested in expanding your healing skills and transformational impact, this training is for you. This immersion provides the necessary energy healing fundamentals to up-level your current offerings.  This is an initiation into Reiki and is open to all.


Live experiences, exercises and concepts that will help you heal physical, mental and emotional wounds


Learn valuable tools and concepts to enhance your understanding of energy movement


Expand your awareness of energy centers and learn ways to support health, vitality & well-being for yourself and others


Share the journey with like-minded souls where lasting bonds are created with a high-vibe tribe

This is for you if
  • You are READY to experience the magic of your own healing abilities
  • You are CURIOUS about the metaphysical world and the relationship/connection this has in understanding and caring for ourselves and others
  • You are HEALING and want to support yourself with the techniques that will bring you peace, calm, and an overall sense of joy 
  • You are a Practitioner and ready to EXPAND YOUR HEALING SKILLS to share with your clients

How Will You Feel After?

  • REPLENISHED and overflowing with love for all of life so that you return home feeling energized and alive
  • EXCITED to integrate what you’ve learned and fearlessly step into all areas of your life
  • ATTUNED to a higher vibration
  • CONNECTED to a tribe of soul family that you continue to develop bond with beyond the event
  • EXPERIENCED in seeing the magic of your own gifts unfolding in our time together and beyond
About the Program

We Will Explore These Essential Concepts:

    • What is Reiki
    • The History of Reiki
    • Reiki Principles
    • A Basic Understanding of the Systems in the Body
    • How to Treat Yourself with Reiki
    • How to Treat Others with Reiki

Facilitator Bio

Lauren Manzke

Lauren Manzke is a Certified Reiki Master, Tachyon Practitioner, Crystalline Soul Healing Specialist and Intuitive Healer. Lauren’s entire practice centers around sharing knowledge and creating experiences for her clients to utilize the highest forms of energy available so they can best understand and amplify their own energy.

What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“The simplest way I can describe my sessions with Lauren … totally uplifting and effervescent. I find myself laughing, feeling waves of joy, my heart opening, feeling like I can fly, and at times its an almost overwhelming sense of love that she can bring through. I go see Lauren any time I feel low energy, blocked, or a bit down and I know that within minutes that energy will shift. Thank you Lauren for being a beautiful conscious portal to the Divine!”
Jamie F.

“I have had many profound Reiki sessions with Lauren which have left me feeling lighter in so many ways. As soon as she began, I could feel how powerful the energy was coming through her. I have had several sessions with Reiki masters and the energy run by Lauren far exceeded those experiences. I am very careful with who I work with energetically and I continue to come back to Lauren again and again. A true angelic master on Earth.”
Athena A.


  • Your Reiki Training Manual
  • Highlighters & Paper for Note-taking
  • Your Reiki I Certification Certificate
Not Included
  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Accommodations
Timing + Transportation

Start Time:

Saturday, August 20, 2022
9:30 am

End Time:

Sunday, August 21, 2022
1:00 pm

This training event will be held on Saturday August 20th from 9:30am – 5:30pm.  We’ll reconvene on Sunday from 10am – 1pm. If you are flying, most fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. There is also a small regional airport located in Flagstaff. From either airport, you can rent a car or arrange for a shuttle service. Be sure to allow 3-hours for transportation from the Phoenix airport and 1-hour from the Flagstaff airport.

If you have questions about the event contact:

Investment in Yourself $555

Cancellation Policy:
Due to the pre-ordering of required materials, available space limitations and time constraints of Practitioners for this program, the following cancellation policy is in effect. Full payment is forfeited for no-shows or cancellations made within 30-days of the program start date.

By reserving my spot, I fully understand that the Shine Team does not consist of medical doctors and does not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. I willingly take full responsibility for my own health and my experience during and after the event or session.

This program is structured as a group classroom-learning environment providing many tools and insights to facilitate healing, personal growth and empowerment for others. In order to cover the course material effectively, personal issues and traumas are better addressed in private one-on-one sessions. If you have a history of mental or psychological disorders, intense post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder or are currently taking medications for mental or emotional imbalances, please contact us using the contact form on the website to share with us your situation so we may determine the most appropriate platform to support your needs most effectively.

This offering supports the following paths