The Heart of the Matter

with Lindsay Morlock

decode your heart lines using the scientific art of Hand Analysis

Feb 25


1&1/2 hours
About the Event
You prefer to cuddle and enjoy constant connection, but your partner needs their alone time. You need to process your feelings before you can talk about them, but your partner wants to discuss them in the moment. All you do is give and give, but no one appreciates you or seems to reciprocate. Does any of this sound familiar? In this interactive session, you will learn to decode your heart lines using the scientific art of Hand Analysis. When you determine your heart line type, you will uncover your how your mind is patterned in relationships and determine how to make conscious choices about what you need to feel fulfilled in your personal and intimate relationships.
Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Learn to decode your heart line type and other major lines in your palms
Understand how to fully BE your heart line type
Uncover the spiritual journey associated with each heart line type
Explore how to use the information in your hands to communicate your needs in relationship with yourself and others
Identify relationship roadblocks and learn how to overcome them

Facilitator Bio

Lindsay Morlock

Lindsay Morlock is a gifted intuitive, hand analyst, breathwork healer and inner child advocate. Through her work, Lindsay connects with her clients to truly understand what is ailing them while empowering them to realize that they already have everything they need within themselves to heal. She works with people worldwide to help them reconnect with their Divine essence, ability to alleviate their suffering and ultimately, helping them to develop the most important relationship they will ever have in their lives – the one they have with their SELF.
What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“Lindsay is an amazing resource not just because she was able to teach the content really well, she really provided a more personal approach which helped with my own personal growth.”
Jaimie V. - California

Investment in Yourself $44

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