Vedic Astrology Consultation

with Alan Annand



About the Session
A 60-minute session includes a brief palmistry review of the your hands, followed by a full discussion of the Vedic birth chart. Topics will focus on your stated primary interests, whether relationships, career, finance, spirituality, etc. Highlights include major karmic patterns (astrological yogas) in the horoscope, and a prognosis for the major time periods (dashas) in the life wherein individual karma unfolds as per the unique horoscope. Time permitting, topical questions will be addressed during the session.
Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Identify your unique talents, skills and qualifications
Assess your prospects for satisfying personal relationships
Identify optimum conduct for promotion of health, spirituality, etc
Assess your prospects for career achievement and recognition
Anticipate periods of growth, stasis, retraction

Special Instructions: Birth data is required in advance. Please fill out the form when you register for a session.

Facilitator Bio

Alan Annand

Alan Annand is a Canadian astrologer, palmist and author, with 40 years as an astrological consultant and teacher. He’s a former tutor for the British Faculty of Astrological Studies, and a graduate of the American College of Vedic Astrology. His six books on Vedic astrology have been praised for the quality of their research and writing. He’s also a crime novelist, whose New Age Noir mystery series features a Vedic astrologer/palmist.
What People are Saying About the Consult
What People are Saying About the Consultant
“I have had the great blessing of knowing Alan for over two decades. He is an amazing Vedic astrologer, teacher and writer. He has been one of our favorite featured faculty at numerous astrology conferences over the many years.”
Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D. President Emeritus, American College of Vedic Astrology

Investment in Yourself $333

Cancellation Policy:
I understand that I am responsible for the full payment of this service. Due to the expenses associated with the meeting space, materials and staff resources on behalf of each participant, a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Full payment is forfeited for no-shows or cancellations made within 48-hours of the event/session start time.

By reserving my spot, I fully understand that the Shine Team does not consist of medical doctors and does not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. I willingly take full responsibility for my own health and my experience during and after the event or session.

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