Shine is a Sanctuary for the soul providing a welcoming and nourishing community to support your core-healing, personal growth, and heart-awakening through the offerings of world-class Healers and Facilitators.
Shine’s Mission Statement

It’s simple…our Mission is to inspire Millions to Shine. We are passionately devoted to supporting the transformational journey that activates and amplifies personal radiance. When one individual awakens their inner radiance and embodies their soul mission, it has a profound ripple effect that cascades through the community and down to future generations.

This is how we rise together to awaken and amplify collective consciousness, unify humanity and live in harmony with Mother Earth.

When we stand together as empowered beacons of light,
anything is possible.


Let’s Rise and Shine Together!

Shine’s Core Values
Shine is Dedicated To:

Providing a welcoming, safe, loving space that supports core healing, personal growth and spiritual expansion

Offering impactful, high-caliber experiences and resources to enhance the transformational journey of those who are courageously shifting shadow to light, pain to joy, disconnection to empowerment, feeling lost to on-purpose

Building a thriving community that offers connection, encouragement and inspiration inviting all to feel understood, seen and accepted
Demonstrating a loving reverence for Mother Earth by integrating recycling and sustainable practices when possible

Shine Offers

A Spiritual Heartbeat

Shine is designed as a Sanctuary for your Soul, a lighthouse during dark times and a spark of inspiration to light your fire, providing a safe haven on the transformational journey to reclaim your inner radiance. As you commit to your path, Shine is dedicated to walk with you every step of the way, so we can rise and serve together.

An Invitation to Discover Yourself

When navigating the complexity of today’s life’s challenges, Shine is where you go to reclaim your power, remember who you are, awaken your inner radiance and discover your soul mission.

Services that Meet You Where You Are

Whether you’re seeking to heal your core wounds, improve your relationships, find your life purpose or deepen your spiritual connection, Shine has a range of experiences to meet your specific needs. We have intentionally created the Heal, Learn and Expand paths to help you tailor your Shine experience.

World-Class Healers & Facilitators

Shine features a collective of masterful leaders who bring cutting edge tools, practices and insights to accelerate your transformational journey. We have gathered world-renowned Shamanic Healers, best-selling authors, spiritual masters, global experts and gifted Practitioners to serve you.

A Flexible Range of Offerings

Shine offers private experiences from healing sessions to card readings and more. Our group experiences cover many topics and formats from single-day workshops, to multiple-day immersions and Facilitator trainings. Shine has something for everyone.

A Like-Minded Community

Shine is where you can connect to a community of like-minded individuals for support and inspiration and a place where you can be yourself and feel connected to the collective awakening. Here at Shine, you’re welcome, you’re home, you’re family.

A Message from Our Founder

Welcome! This is Anahata Ananda from Shine Sanctuary and I am so giddy and excited to bring my passionate dream to fruition of opening a leading-edge healing and awakening center in Sedona, Arizona called Shine!

For over two decades, I’ve been providing heart-centered, transformational healing and awakening sessions, retreats and training intensives to tens of thousands of individuals. Now it’s time to expand that vision! It’s my dream to inspire millions to shine, and you’re my inspiration.

What I have noticed is that when one person heals core wounds, releases addiction, improves their health or learns empowering tools, it trickles down to their community, family and relationships while awakening a passionate personal mission. THIS is what lights up my soul.

YOU are the reason WHY the Shine dream has manifested into reality.

I welcome you to be a part of the Shine Family who are dedicated to supporting each individual to awaken their inner radiance and inspiring others to do the same.

Looking forward to seeing you here at Shine!

Anahata Ananda

Meet Our Shine Family
Our hearts are overflowing with excitement to welcome you to Shine. Our Shine family is dedicated to support your soulful experience and we can’t wait to meet you!
Our Shine Practitioner family is made up of world-class resident and visiting Facilitators and Healers bringing masterful skills and a deep knowledge base to facilitate profound, transformational experiences.
At Shine you are Welcome. You are Home. You are Family.
Special Thanks To…

The beautiful extended community that have made this vision possible. I couldn’t have done this without you. I am in deep gratitude for the gracious support of Investors, Contractors, Architect, Interior Designer, Shine Staff, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, gifted Healers, experienced Practitioners and lots of support from friends and family every step of the way. It took a village to birth this dream and it will continue to take a village to weave our magical skills together to keep the Shine dream alive and thriving.