Shine’s Healing Path

Heal Physical, Mental & Emotional Wounds

Whether you are healing from trauma, heartbreak, recent loss or navigating health issues, Shine offers a safe and welcoming space to heal physical, mental and emotional wounds. You are held by world-class healers and experts that will guide you gracefully through your healing process.

Heal Core Wounds
Process Dense Emotions
Reclaim Your Power
Mend Relationships
Realign Your Life
Break Unhealthy Cycles
Enhance Health and Vitality
Manage Stress and Overwhelm
Come home to who you truly are.

If you are on the healing path to heal core wounds, reclaim your power and live a thriving life, check out these Shine offerings:

1:1 Tailored Private Sessions Calendar

Look at our 1:1 tailored private sessions calendar for offerings such as Energy Healing, Shamanic Journey, Reiki, Breathwork Journey, Sound Healing, Energy Attunement, Craniosacral, Chakra Balancing and more. Each session will describe in depth the process and benefits so you can find what is right for you.

Group Experiences

Explore our soulful healing group experiences on our events calendar. Look for offerings such as Breathwork Journeys, Sound Healing Ceremonies, The Empowerment & Awakening Weekend, Goddess Awakening Retreat, Transformational Workshops and more. Each event describes in detail the process and benefits so you can find what is right for you.

What goes hand-in-hand with healing is learning and expansion. Check out our other Learn and Expand offerings that will help you learn new tools to implement change and expand passion and purpose in your life.