About Shine Training Programs
If you’ve landed here, your soul has guided you and there is something here for you.
Whether you are just called to the healing arts or an established Practitioner, Shine offers a range of training immersions in various modalities to amplify your impact and ability to provide transformation for your clients. Shine is here to fill your medicine bag, awaken and enhance your natural gifts.

Training offerings include entry-level energy healing essentials, hands-on healing modalities, Reiki training, Shamanic wisdom teachings, breathwork facilitator training and more. If you are called to the healing arts, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert teachers & trainers are all accomplished in their fields and provide years of practical experience and deep wisdom to the Shine training programs.

Shine Training Course Offerings

14-Day Shamangelic Healing Modalities & Breathwork Facilitator Training Immersion w/ Anahata Ananda

Prerequisites: Application and Pre-approval Required


This is a rare opportunity available only once per year to work with master teacher Anahata Ananda with over two decades of experience in an intimate learning environment.

This training weaves together the content from the Shamangelic Training Courses: Essentials for Empowerment and Awakening, Hands-on Healing Modalities, Shamanic Wisdom Teachings and Breathwork Facilitator into a 14-day intensive in Sedona.

Previous experience is not required but passion is! A certain level of emotional maturity, grounded stability and personal development progress needs to be established before engaging in this training course. To hold space for the transformational healing of others is a soul calling – is this calling you?

SoulMonic™ Sound Healing & Sonic Energy Medicine Practitioner Training w/ Three Trees

Prerequisites: None. Open to all levels

2024 Dates Announced Soon

SoulMonic™ Sound Healing training quantum leaps you into the Sound Healing world, learning to use wide array of sonic tools and and energy medicine techniques from multiple traditions around the world. A integration of Shamanic and contemporary methodologies, with a focus on direct connection to source. Three Trees teachings are abundant in information, exploration and experience in a container of love that is deeply transformative.

Essentials For Empowerment & Awakening w/ Anahata Ananda

Shamangelic Training Level 1

Prerequisites: None. Open to all levels


In this 3 & ½ day, interactive immersion with like-minded souls, this course offers resources to uplevel all areas of your life: improve relationships, deepen spiritual connection, amplify manifestation, enhance health, improve emotional well being and reclaim your power.

If you are called to the Healing Arts or a Practitioner interested in expanding your healing skills and transformational impact, THIS is Anahata’s Signature Shamangelic Level 1 course. This immersion provides the fundamentals and prerequisites for Anahata’s advanced training series.

Healing Tools & Modalities w/ Anahata Ananda

Shamangelic Training Level 2

Prerequisite: Completion of Essentials for Empowerment & Awakening with Anahata Ananda Level 1


If you are curious about the healing arts or an experienced Practitioner, this course will amplify your impact, expand your toolkit and enhance your ability to facilitate profound transformation. In this 5-day intensive training, learn how to utilize Shamanic emotional clearing, sound healing instruments, essential oils, hands-on touch, guided visualizations and so much more to catalyze lasting impactful transformation. You will learn how to address core wounds, insecurities, emotional chaos, chronic health issues, grief and much more. Help your clients turn their lives around.

Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitator Training with Anahata Ananda

Shamangelic Training Level 3

Prerequisites: Essentials for Empowerment & Awakening with Anahata Ananda Level 1 and Healing Tools & Modalities with Anahata Ananda Level 2


This is an advanced level training for Practitioners called to hold space for the deepest, profound healing and transformation. Shamangelic breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities for core healing, heart awakening and spiritual expansion. The skills and confidence acquired from the Essentials for Empowerment and Awakening Level 1 and the Healing Modalities learned in Level 2, provides a strong foundation for Breathwork facilitation.

You will learn how to tailor the journey for each participant, leveraging various breathwork techniques to amplify their transformational experience. Holding safe loving space for another’s most vulnerable and intimate process is a role that requires commitment, integrity and presence. This is a soul calling and not for everyone.