New Moon Breathwork Journey w/ Live Vocals & Violin

with Onyay Pheori

A gentle yet profound experience of the breath
March 10
4 pm
2 – hours


About the Event

During your time with Onyay, you will be guided by voice and violin on a breath journey assisting you to release buried emotions, leading to inner transformation and emotional freedom. This new moon journey with assist you with reclaiming and integrating lost or suppressed aspects of yourself, promoting integrity and a stronger sense of identity and encourages a journey towards spiritual alignment helping you to connect deeply with your true self and purpose.

Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Emotional Healing – Address and release buried emotions, leading to inner transformation and emotional freedom
Self-Awareness and Clarity – Distinguish between fear-based reactions and the guidance of your higher self, enhancing self-awareness and decision-making clarity
Spiritual and Personal Growth – the journey helps you to connect deeply with your true self and purpose.
Inner Child Healing – Understand past traumas and nurture a sense of wholeness and self-compassion

Special Instructions: Hydrate Well – Drink plenty of water the day of the event.

Wear Comfortable Clothing – Opt for loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate unrestricted movement and breath.

Avoid Heavy Meals – Refrain from eating a heavy meal at least two hours prior to the event. A lighter stomach allows for deeper and more comfortable breathing.

Set an Intention – Consider what you hope experience during the event.

Open Mind – Approach the event with an open mind and heart, ready to receive whatever insights and experiences come your way.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the event. Our time together starts promptly at 6pm.

Facilitator Bio

Onyay Pheori

With over two decades of expertise spanning breathwork facilitation, meditation, emotional release and energy healing, combined with a career as a vocalist, violinist, and international performing artist, Onyay is dedicated to guiding individuals towards self-transformation and the realization of their potential. She is trained in a vast array of healing modalities and has traveled to sacred sites all over the world; exploring many dimensions of healing and consciousness.
What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“A journey as I have never experienced into the depths of my inner self. Onyay Pheori took me to a place that only my subconscious had previously reached. It was a guided tour that enabled me to connect with a world that had laid dormant for a lifetime. We started with breathing and then we connected to a consciousness of unspeakable beauty and emotion. A virtual world that held joy, resistance, understanding, compassion and love. Onyay’s skills, voice and soft spoken tenderness was the perfect backdrop to an encounter that connected me to me. I highly recommend working with Onyay. Bring your openness and be prepared to expand your mind. Onyay will do the rest.”
— Jeremy D.

Investment in Yourself $65

Cancellation Policy:
I understand that I am responsible for the full payment of this service. Due to the expenses associated with the meeting space, materials and staff resources on behalf of each participant, a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Full payment is forfeited for no-shows or cancellations made within 48-hours of the event/session start time.

By reserving my spot, I fully understand that the Shine Team does not consist of medical doctors and does not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. I willingly take full responsibility for my own health and my experience during and after the event or session.

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