Custom Flower Essence Blend 1:1 Session

with Heather Radke

Co-create your very own custom healing blend
About the Session
Take a private journey with Heather to discover the best flower essences to bring into your blend. Her goal is to use flower essences to bring you back to the truth of who you are. This means something different to each individual whether it be to resolve an emotion or to bring forth more joy, confidence and ease. It is genuinely a free flowing experience where she listens to her instincts to guide the session. She may use color light therapy and/or sound bowls to enhance your custom blend. Much like a flower petal, no two sessions are the same. The beauty of a private session is that you’ll collaborate on what feels right for you. You’ll leave your session with a custom flower elixir that you’ll take sublingually for 3-4 weeks.
Amethyst Crystal Biomat®
To amplify the healing benefits of your experience, your session may take place on the world-renowned Amethyst Crystal Biomat®. Allow your body, mind and soul to luxuriate in the calming and cleansing vibrations of this leading-edge technology. The Biomat® integrates Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ion Therapy and an Amethyst Crystalline Matrix in order to:
  • Improve Immune System Functioning
  • Reduce Stress, Inflammation & Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Stress & Provide Deep Relaxation
  • Provide Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification
  • Enhance Well Being & Uplift Mood
  • Accelerate Mending of Damaged Cells
Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Learn How to Balance Your Emotions Using Nature
Up-Level Your Self-Care in a New & Profound Way

Learn How to Powerfully Use & Blend Flower Essences
Take Home Your Very Own Tailor-Made Flower Essence

Practitioner Bio

Heather Radke

Heather Radke is a Flower Essence Alchemist and Breathwork Facilitator who uses many different modalities such as vibrational sound, breath, meditation, custom flower elixirs and energy work to assist her clients on their healing journey. Heather is passionate about helping people transform their lives with her positive perspective and gentle compassion. She helps you truly understand that you hold the pen to the chapters in your life and how to navigate them.
What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“Heather is amazing!! Our Custom Blend session was very personal and enlightening, as the vibes and energy were both extremely calming. I found the color light therapy that she used to be a unique element of the session. The color that I chose really seemed to correlate with how I was feeling at the time. I love that the blend is customized based on my current strengths and weaknesses as I view them. As a young mixed race woman, I struggle with finding my voice and confidence.
Working with Heather, I see an evident difference in the way that I view myself and the environment around me. I would definitely recommend working with Heather to anyone who wishes to grow into a better version of themselves!”
Josie Griffin

Investment in Yourself $222

Cancellation Policy:
I understand that I am responsible for the full payment of this service. Due to the expenses associated with the meeting space, materials and staff resources on behalf of each participant, a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Full payment is forfeited for no-shows or cancellations made within 48-hours of the event/session start time.

By reserving my spot, I fully understand that the Shine Team does not consist of medical doctors and does not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. I willingly take full responsibility for my own health and my experience during and after the event or session.

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