Exploring the Qualities of Your Light

with Jorge Luis Delgado

Peruvian Incan Mystic Guide
may 4
3 pm
1½ hours
cash donation
About the Event
In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. Jorge Luis Delgado is expert at walking this path between both worlds. Jorge is known throughout the world for his guided spiritual journeys to the sacred sites, temples and power spots of Peru. He received his early training from the Kallawaya Shamans of the northeast Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the Wise Ones of the Andes, and from the Q’ero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendants of the Incas.

Jorge is featured on the History Channel, National Geographic and Gaia documentaries as a local expert of sacred Peruvian sites and teachings. He is also the Author of Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, Jorge brings the heart and soul of these ancient teachings to modern-day challenges.

Jorge will have some hand-crafted tapestries, art pieces and jewelry available (cash only please).

You do not need to pre-register for this event. Come at 3pm and enjoy!


Special Instructions: Please note donations and purchases are CASH only please and will go directly to Jorge.