Shine Is The Sanctuary

You’ve Been Waiting For…

Shine is a sanctuary for your soul that supports your healing, growth and expansion through offerings from world-class Healers and Facilitators.

The Journey To Live Your Most Aligned, Purposeful Life

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You’ve been called to shine your inner light. Shine is here to support every aspect of your healing, growth and transformational journey through:

World-Class Healers & Facilitators.

Shine features a collective of masterful leaders who bring proven tools, practices and insights to accelerate your transformational journey.

Flexible Range Of Offerings.

Shine offers private 1:1 experiences from healing sessions to card readings and more. Our group experiences cover many topics and formats from single-day workshops, to multiple-day immersions and Facilitator trainings.

Shine Meets You Where You Are.

Whether you’re seeking to heal your core wounds, improve your relationships, find your life purpose or deepen your spiritual connection, Shine has a range of experiences to meet your specific needs.

A Like Minded Tribe.

At Shine, you’ll connect with others like you who can relate to what you’re going through and share the journey right beside you. Here at Shine, you’re welcome, you’re home, you’re family.


Without healing, we stay stuck in challenging patterns that lead to stress, overwhelm and a lack of fulfillment. Shine offers a safe and welcoming space to heal physical, mental and emotional wounds. Reclaim your power and your life through:


  • 1:1 Private Healing Sessions
    Healing Ceremonies
    Group Healing Journeys
    Immersive Retreats
    Shamanic Clearing
    Breathwork Journeys


When you’re learning, you’re growing! Shine provides the tools, concepts and trainings to improve every area of your life for lasting change that leads to enhanced health, emotional well-being, relationships, and prosperity through:


  • 1:1 Private Healing Sessions
    Immersive Retreats
    Facilitator Trainings


Your most aligned and powerful self awaits. Shine helps you identify and amplify your soul’s purpose, your divine connection, prosperity, and personal legacy —creating deep alignment across every area of your life through:


  • Soul-Purpose Workshops
    Immersive Retreats
    Sacred Ceremonies
    Light-Body Activation Breathwork
    Facilitator Trainings

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Our Shine team will help you curate your experience based on your individual needs.

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