Summer Solstice Event ~ Ceremonial Cacao & Sound Journey

with Athena Soultender and Elohim

Come bathe in a ceremonial sound journey as you sip on sacred cacao infused with intention and love

June 20
6:30 pm
2 – hours


About the Event

Come bathe in a ceremonial sound journey, as you are guided on a deeply transformative exploration within. 
Immerse in a lush vibrational soundscape, which includes a variety of sound technologies, including: 
vocal harmonics, crystal bowls, gong, drum, chimes, native wind instruments, harp, and guitar,

In addition to the transformative power of music, Athena & Elohim will introduce the ancient tradition of the Cacao Ceremony. Grounded in the ceremonial use of cacao, this ritual offers a sacred container for deepening one’s experience, inviting participants to open their hearts and minds to the wisdom of the present moment.

As you sip on the very special Shine Sanctuary Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, infused with intention and love, you’ll embark on a sensory journey, awakening your senses to the beauty and wonder of the world around you. The gentle warmth of the chocolate serves as a reminder of the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, grounding participants in a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

A perfect way to honor and celebrate Summer Solstice in community.

Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience

Welcome in Summer Solstice with the Shine Community

Restore harmony and coherence to the body’s energy field
Promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
Deep rest & relaxation that recalibrates the nervous system

Special Instructions:  Cacao is best received on an empty stomach. Everything needed is provided. Dress comfortably. 

Facilitator Bio's

Athena Soultender & Elohim

Athena is dedicated to catalyzing spiritual growth & awakening. She offers many modalities for healing and expansion for renewed mental clarity & insight, heart awakening, and deep emotional & cellular recalibration. Elohim is a beautiful song carrier & multi-instrumentalist with over two decades of experience.




Investment in Yourself $44

Cancellation Policy:
I understand that I am responsible for the full payment of this service. Due to the expenses associated with the meeting space, materials and staff resources on behalf of each participant, a 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Full payment is forfeited for no-shows or cancellations made within 48-hours of the event/session start time.

By reserving my spot, I fully understand that the Shine Team does not consist of medical doctors and does not claim to cure or heal any illness or injury. I willingly take full responsibility for my own health and my experience during and after the event or session.

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