Learn to Draw Sacred Geometry

with Nadi Hana

Learn to draw the Seed of Life, a Decagon and the Geometry of our Toroidal Field
oct 13
About the Event

Sacred geometry is the study of harmonic patterns that underlie and create the world around us. Through direct experience with these universal patterns, you can access unlimited sources of intelligence. In this workshop, you will learn to draw the Seed of Life, a Decagon and the geometry of our Toroidal field. We’ll also explore the relationship between sacred geometry and the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and how these beautiful geometric shapes have the power to align our subtle energy body into a coherent state of harmony. Sacred Geometry is where physics and metaphysics meet; it is the still point of creation, the zero point of space, the infinite potential of this present moment. If it sounds extraordinary, it’s because it is. All levels are welcome and no experience is necessary.

Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Align yourself to access higher states of guidance
Generate a sense of coherence through the creative process
Discover tools for the expansion of your consciousness
Harmonize your energetic, physical and spiritual systems
Take home your own sacred geometry drawing & a PDF to continue your drawing journey

Special Instructions: Bring yourself and your curiosity! All materials are provided.

Facilitator Bio

Nadi Hana

Nadi Hana is an inspiring instructor, presenter, energy healer, animal communicator and artist. She has been teaching multidimensional drawing classes since 2015. Nadi achieved her Masters Degree as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and worked as a psychotherapist in the mental health profession for over a decade. She is also a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, meditation teacher and Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition. Nadi draws on many years of experience and cultivated intuitive wisdom, orienting her professional work towards spiritual and energetic transformation. ​

What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“With Nadi’s kind spirit, gentle way with others, sound understanding of various pathways to soul enlightenment, and unwavering support, she has not only encouraged growth and understanding of myself, but keeps me curious about the various ways the universe/spirit speaks to us.”
Amy P.

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