Lotus & Cacao Ceremony

w/ Illup Gravengaard

Crowning the Sacred Heart
july 23

2:00 pm



About the Event
Together we will soothe and open our hearts with the loving embrace of cacao, heirloom grown by our Mayan family in Lake Atiilán, Guatemala. As we sip, we will bathe in poetry and music to nurture our softening. Once in a sweet receptive place, we will open to the secret of the oracles; the Lotus Flower. We will take a journey imbibing & enjoying a variety of blue, yellow, and pink lotus elixirs, teas, and pure therapeutic oils. Finally we will journal our downloads & sweet epiphanies sharing any insights we feel would benefit the collective ceremonial circle. This is how we truly blossom, once of the mud & muck, now a lotus in bloom.
Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Inner Harmony
Divine Connection
This is for you if
  • You desire to feel a deeper sense of peace and acceptance
  • You wish to feel whole and in your full radiance
  • You are ready to align with your highest loving expression on this planet

Facilitator Bio

Illup Gravengaard

Illup Gravengaard, is the founding herbalist of three successful body/mind/soul enhancement brands: Ambrosia, Kejiwa, & Metamorflotus. He has been working closely with Mother Earth since growing up on the land of the ancient mound-builders and aromatic yellow lotus marshes of Ohio. 16 years ago, Illup started building bridges for wild plant medicine to be shared in delicious ways with people. First he created an award-winning wild herbal kombucha (Best International Beverage Award) and was featured on The Travel Channel, interviewed by Andrew Zimmern. Next, he created alchemical spagyric tinctures and highly therapeutic essential oils getting praise in The New York Times, Vogue and Women’s Health as well as Trinity, an international publication in Japan. For over a decade, Illup has held his Alchemy Ceremony around the world, spreading these wild medicinals in synergy with meditation and sound healing. Illup specializes in traditional herbal spagyric tinctures and pure essential oil blends aimed to assist in creating daily practices to help people create an absolute nectarous life filled with peacefulness, juiciness, resilient health and pure passionate inspiration!
What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience
“We met Illup in Guatemala and I remember seeing him and wondering who is this golden man? He received our curiosity with generosity and shared some of his elixirs with us. I was blown away by the effect of the elixir as we interacted with it, we were transported to a flower bed. Thank you for sharing your magic with the rest of the world!”
Ezgi Deniz Yilmaz Schenk

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