Medicine Wheel Journey

with Miquel Montoya

Reconnect with the spiritual quality of each direction
aug 14
About the Event

Walking the Medicine Wheel for guidance, inner peace and meditative reflection is an ancient and cherished Native American ceremony for numerous tribes. In our modern world, it’s timeless wisdom and symbolic messages can resound deeply within those looking for powerful signs from the Universe.

The Medicine Wheel helps us with recapitulation, a shamanic tool for a present-moment life-review, as we bring compassion, insight and empowerment to all 4 stages / directions of our human journey. We will take back our power from past experiences, end old agreements, and reconnect with the spiritual quality from each direction. We now truly understand the interconnected nature of all life, kingdoms, elements, and Spirit Guardians of each direction, bringing us back to Source, the Oneness from which we came. This Medicine Wheel Journey takes place inside at Shine Sanctuary.

Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Learn about the Medicine Wheel & how to bring the energy of each direction into your life
Connect with the spiritual quality of each direction
Take back you power & end old agreements

Facilitator Bio

Miguel Montoya

Miguel Montoya is a seasoned holistic and spiritual guide and ceremonialist with over 20 years experience. As a certified Life Coach, Licensed Spiritual Minister, Certified Qigong and Yoga teacher, and legendary Sedona Sacred Land Guide, he has successfully guided thousands of grateful clients into their deepest spiritual experiences. Through Breathwork Journeys, teaching Meditation and Higher Self Alignment, he is passionate about teaching the simplest most powerful methods for contacting your True Divine Self and living and creating from that Alignment.
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