Mother Earth Cacao Ceremony

w/ Makenzie McPherson

Co-Founder of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate

May 13
5 pm
1½ – hours


About the Event

In honor of Mother’s Day, this cacao circle will be an opportunity to connect with the Mother of All – our beloved Mother Earth – through the vehicle of ceremonial-grade cacao. This ceremony is open to ALL!

Founder of KAKAO ( and plant medicine ceremonialist, Makenzie McPherson, will introduce you to the power of ceremonial-grade cacao including its benefits and origins, followed by an opening blessing, short guided meditation and intimate sharing circle where your heart gets to be heard if you choose.

Cacao ceremonies are an amazing way to come out of the head and into the heart, where your Truth resides. These circles are a safe space for all parts of you to be witnessed among like-hearted community. Connect with your Soul, with others and with your deeper calling on the powerful land of Sedona where the red rock amplifies your dreams.

Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience
Inner Harmony
Divine Connection

Facilitator Bio

Makenzie McPherson

Makenzie McPherson is the Co-Founders of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate.

KAKAO was founded six years ago with the mission to bring true ceremonial-grade cacao to the western world for healing, inspiration, health and connection. Makenzie and her husband, Michael have traveled through Guatemala and Peru to find the purest, native cacao beans in the world. They created their production process start to finish to preserve the integrity and essence of cacao for the highest benefit of those who work with KAKAO. Makenzie looks forward to connecting with you at her upcoming Mother’s Day weekend ceremony at Shine!


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