About Shine’s 1:1 Consultations
Let Us Take Care of You

It’s Time for YOU to Receive.

Gain a new perspective of yourself, your relationships and your life path. Guided by the world’s most masterful Counselors & Guides, you will attain clarity to make more informed conscious life choices. Many of Shine’s Practitioners also offer virtual sessions at a time convenient for you.

This is for you if it’s your time to:

Feel Empowered, Clear & Activated

Learn Practical, Actionable Ways to Navigate Your Current Circumstance

Receive Gentle Direction without Judgement

Feel Seen Where You Are in this Moment

Connect to Your Own Inner Knowingness

Receive Divine Guidance & Clarity

Here are just a few of the 1:1 Consultations we offer at Shine.

Angel/Oracle/Tarot Readings

Akashic Record/Soul Guidance Sessions

Emotional Wellbeing Counseling

Human Design Consultations

Virtual Sessions with many of Shine’s Practitioners

Intuitive Readings