Let Us Take Care of You

Sedona Arizona is a world-renowned destination for energy healing and spiritual expansion and the mecca for gifted healers. At Shine, Sedona’s Sanctuary for the Soul, our mission is to support your core healing, personal growth, and soul expansion. Let us nurture you in a safe loving cocoon as you experience the support to help you overcome your current life challenges. Surrender into tailored transformational sessions guided by the world’s most extraordinary Healers. Search no further for a Sedona healing experience that will support you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Each session incorporates a variety of ancient wisdom practices and the latest modern therapies that blend intuitive guidance, energy healing techniques, transformational tools and compassionate loving guidance.

Whether you are healing from trauma, heartbreak, recent loss or navigating health issues, Shine’s private healing experiences offer a safe and welcome space to address your core issues. You are held by world-class healers and experts that will guide you gracefully through your healing process.


  • Process Dense Emotions
  • Reclaim Your Power
  • Mend Relationships
  • Realign Your Life
  • Break Unhealthy Cycles
  • Enhance Health and Vitality
  • Manage Stress and Overwhelm

Whether you are acquiring tools to enhance your own health, improve your relationships or manifest a thriving soulful life, Shine provides the guidance tools, concepts and support that will get you there. Facilitated by the world’s most masterful Counselors & Guides, you will attain clarity to make more informed conscious life choices.


  • Acquire Conscious Communication Skills
  • Implement Healthy Relationship Strategies
  • Amplify Manifestation & Prosperity
  • Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
  • Improve Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Enhance Self Awareness
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Implement Self-Care & Self-Love Practices
  • Create Vibrant Health & Sustainable Lifestyle Habits

Whether you are passionately called to embody your Soul’s mission, amplify your spiritual connection, or live your most thriving, joyful life, Shine provided the events, concepts, and experiences to that will get you there.


  • Build a Lasting Impactful Legacy
  • Create Alignment in All Areas of Life
  • Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
  • Enhance Self-Awareness
  • Unleash Creative Expression
  • Awaken Ecstatic Joy & Love
  • Amplify Manifestation & Prosperity
At every step, you are guided by Sedona’s world-class experts and healers to facilitate experiences that accelerate your healing, growth & expansion.

Our Energy Healing Sessions take place in our Healing Womb room offering a range of therapies tailored to your needs. Each experience takes place in this esthetically welcoming environment with ambient lighting, relaxing essential oils and facilitated by world class healers. No other room in Sedona feels as safe and inviting as our Healing Womb room.

Our Healing Biomat

To amplify the healing benefits of your experience, your session will take place on the world-renowned Amethyst Crystal Biomat®. Allow your body, mind and soul to luxuriate in the calming and cleansing vibrations of this leading-edge technology. The Biomat® integrates Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ion Therapy and an Amethyst Crystalline Matrix in order to:


  • Improve Immune System Functioning
  • Reduce Stress, Inflammation & Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Stress & Provide Deep Relaxation
  • Provide Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification
  • Enhance Well Being & Uplift Mood
  • Accelerate Mending of Damaged Cells
Types of 1:1 Healing Sessions
At Shine, we offer a wider range of sessions for deep relaxation, energy healing & balancing, spiritual connection and more. View our 1:1 tailored private sessions calendar for offerings such as Shamanic Journey, Energy & Reiki Attunement, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, Organic Facial and more. Whether you are navigating grief, relationship heartbreak, health issues or seeking insight, balance or opening to deeper spiritual connection, each session will describe in depth the process and benefits so you can find what is right for you.

Reserve your 1:1 session


Many of our clients choose to create a tailored private Retreat with multiple sessions of their choosing to support your needs and intentions. Contact one of our customer service Shine Angels to customize your Sedona experience. Inquiries@ShineSedona.com or call us at 928.963.4553

Reiki Energy Attunement & Chakra Balancing

Relax and rejuvenate during a grounding and clearing Reiki session. Each session is tailored to your individual needs, drawing upon intuition and spiritual guidance. During your session, our practitioner will work through each of the energy centers opening, clearing, aligning, and energizing each chakra using a combination of Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing and aroma therapy which results in an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Sound Healing Sessions

Treat yourself the gift of harmony, balance, and relaxation during this magical sound healing experience. Allow the powerful healing vibrations of the instruments to restore balance and bring the body and mind into alignment. Instruments may include crystal bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls. Experience the pure tones that ignite your brainwaves and the harmonics that raise your vibration. Relax and let go as you allow this musical medicine to activate and awaken your soul!

Cellular Mind Body Reset Sessions

Held in the sacred space of the Healing Womb room at Shine, surrender into a deep Cellular Mind and Body Reset. The healing energies of The Amethyst Biomat penetrate the body’s cells for detoxification and repair; listening to the bioneural beats unifies and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Both technologies work together to shift the brain into a more relaxed Alpha state and the nervous system into a parasympathetic state which catalyzes deep peaceful relaxation and cellular regeneration. The Bioneural beats entrain the brain’s dissonant thoughts into a unified cohesive field of calm focused awareness. To Optimize your health and vitality, treat yourself to this rejuvenating Cellular Mind Body Reset today.

Shamanic Journey & Soul Retrieval Sessions

This session utilizes a combination of Shamanic tools, energy healing techniques, guided visualizations, essential oils, vibrational sound and clairvoyant spirit guidance to orchestrate transformational healing and activation. Retrieve the part of the spirit that was damaged during any traumatic experience, and welcome it safely back into the body. You will connect deeply to your innate Divine wisdom to come back home to yourself again.This is an insightful and powerful journey inward that empowers you to release your fears, love with your heart and reclaim your power.

Organic Facials and Reiki Attunement

Let us pamper you. This spa experience for your body, mind and soul is like no other – utilizing the Organic Anastarr Sacred Skin Beauty care line integrated with Reiki energy Healing, Sound Instruments and Essential oils. This is a regenerating, experiential journey that will ignite your senses, nourish your skin, awaken your soul, bring coherence to your mind, and reconnect you to the timeless radiance of your inner Being.

Breathwork Journeys

Transformational Breathwork offers a deep and profound mind/body/soul healing experience. This breathwork work journey incorporates deep breath techniques, vibrational sound, soulful music, guided visualizations, and energy healing. Through the use of Shamanic tools, crystal therapy and light body expansion techniques, you will experience a personal and sacred journey into the depths of your soul and beyond!

Womb Healing & Birth Blessings

If you are preparing your womb for conception or blessing your womb for beautiful brith, we can create a sweet sacred blessing for your journey into parenting.

Couples Sessions

If are working through a challenging time in your relationship and need support to overcome and heal wounding, rebuilt trust, enhance communication and understanding, then our couples’ sessions are perfect for you and your partner. We offer a range of sessions tailored to your individuals needs.
Types of Consultations

Explore our 1:1 tailored private consultation calendar for offerings such as Intuitive Counseling, Astrology Readings, Card Readings, Life Coaching and more to obtain insights that will guide you on your soul mission aligned with higher divine guidance. Each consultation will describe in depth the process and benefits so you can find what is right for you.


Schedule a private consultation Inquiries@ShineSedona.com or 928.963.4553

Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

Our gifted card readers draw upon their seasoned experience and intuitive guidance to uncover any energy blocks or repeat patterns that are holding you back from the next expression of yourself as well as strategic opportunities to you amplify the manifestation of your dream life.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling & Psychic Readings

These sessions provide tools and insights to help support you to create the life you are meant to lead. Each counselor tailors the guidance based on what issues are more pressing in your life right now. You will receive specific feedback on how to release density, shift limiting beliefs, break patterns and next steps to connect to your authentic self, raise your self-awareness and manifest your dreams!

Astrology Readings

Our gifted Astrologists interpret your natal astrology chart which provides insights into your personality, life challenges, aligned opportunities and relationships.

Human Design Readings

Human Design is a comprehensive and integrative system that combines elements from various ancient and modern disciplines to help individuals understand their unique personality, decision-making process, and life purpose. Utilizing your birth information and the Human Design system, you will look at your behavioral patterns, natural skills and soul’s purpose with unique-to-you tips on how to succeed in the world.

Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic records are a field of information that assist you in guiding your life. Many experience a profound sense of transformation, integration, and balance. During your session, you will receive information from your Masters, Teachers, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones. When your Akashic Record is opened with your permission in a reading, only the information that you are prepared to receive comes forward. This information can be very specific or more general in nature.

Heart Expansion Sessions

The HEART is at the center of this co-creative, intuitive experience. During your session, you will gain self-awareness of subtle energy drains, limiting thought patterns or emotional blind spots. Guided techniques will offer a way to quickly reset your nervous system, bringing more balance and harmony into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. With practice, you’ll learn how to self-regulate your emotions, make better choices and self-generate more energy so you can feel better, more often.

Soul Contract Readings

A virtual Soul Contract Decoding session is a sacred reading known in ancient times as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. Based on your birth name transposed into a sacred language (Hebrew) and distributed around sacred geometry (Star of David), this reading gives a spiritual map of the destiny the universe intends for you. You will learn the karmic patterns you face, the talents you possess to overcome them and the goals you are meant to achieve in this lifetime. You will see your life in context as your soul’s underlying mission and it will help you to navigate a clear path towards a future of self fulfillment.
Group Healing Sessions
If you have a group of people and would like book a unique Sedona Healtaing Experience, you can either check out our upcoming public group events calendar or contact us to book in a private tailored experience based on your needs and intentions. We offer Sound Healing Ceremonies, Inspirational Workshops, Breathwork Journeys, Women’s Empowerment and more. Each event describes in detail the process and benefits so you can find what is right for you.


Schedule a tailored private event Inquiries@ShineSedona.com or 928.963.4553

Sedona Vortex Sacred Land Journeys

Enjoy a unique Sedona Vortex experience to feel the world-renowned healing energy of the Sedona, Arizona vortices and breathtaking views of the sacred red rocks. Explore the Ancient Shamanic Nature Wisdom Teachings and a Sacred Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Experience surrender, divine connection, inspiration and gratitude that grounds and recenters you on your path.

Virtual Healing Sessions & Consultations

Work with Shine’s world-class Practitioners in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you.
Shine offers virtual Akashic Record Readings, Astrology Sessions, Divine Guidance Consultations Sessions, Family Constellation Sessions, Heart Brain Coherence, Human Design, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Counseling, Psychic Sessions, Soul Contract Readings and Oracle & Tarot Readings with our world-class Practitioners.

Please choose which session works best for you. Once reserved our practitioner will reach out to book the best timing for your session.