Shamanic Healing Session

with Amalia Camateros

Core Healing & Emotional Clearing

75 minutes

included in the Wellness Weekend Sept 15-17

About the Session

During this healing session, Amalia draws on decades of experience and Shamanic Earth Wisdom to assist you in releasing blockages that help you re-calibrate and get back on track with your aliveness and inspiration. She will assist you in getting grounded in your body and centered in your mind and heart, and will shine the light on the hidden shadows to allow them to be embraced with loving awareness. During your session, Amalia draws upon many modalities such as core healing, inner child retrieval, tuning forks, sound healing, breathwork and movement, to help you feel more calm, connected and empowered in your body, mind and spirit.

Once you book participation in the Wellness Weekend, a Shine team member will contact you to schedule your 1:1 session with Amalia on either the 15th, 16th or 17th of September. 

Amethyst Crystal Biomat®
To amplify the healing benefits of your experience, your session may take place on the world-renowned Amethyst Crystal Biomat®. Allow your body, mind and soul to luxuriate in the calming and cleansing vibrations of this leading-edge technology. The Biomat® integrates Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ion Therapy and an Amethyst Crystalline Matrix in order to:
  • Improve Immune System Functioning
  • Reduce Stress, Inflammation & Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Stress & Provide Deep Relaxation
  • Provide Cellular Cleansing & Detoxification
  • Enhance Well Being & Uplift Mood
  • Accelerate Mending of Damaged Cells
Benefits & Take-aways of this Experience

Get Grounded, Calm & Centered in Yourself

Regain Your Inspiration for Life 


Re-connect to Your Higher-Self

Special Instructions: Please dress comfortably and eat lightly prior to the session.

Practitioner Bio

Amalia Camateros

Author, Shamanic Healer, Empowerment Guide, Intuitive Energy Healer, Amalia is an Ordained Minister, Ceremonial Priestess and Breathwork Facilitator. She inspires us to reconnect with the Earth and with our bodies. Since 2006, Amalia has utilized her deep intuition and draws upon many modalities to help restore balance of body, mind and spirit. Her sessions are shamanic focused, calling upon earth wisdom to assist in untangling your mind, releasing blockages and getting you back on track with your internal spirit.

What People are Saying About the Experience
What People are Saying About the Experience

“Working with Amalia was life altering for me. At the time I met this wonderful and powerful healer, I was going through a very challenging moment. I immediately felt she could help me navigate out from the tunnel I had found myself in. Amalia taught me to find and center into my core, where I created a powerful new foundation which led me into the next pivotal few months of my life. I highly recommend her work, as she is very connected to her center, and to the work she does with Divine Earth. Amalia will help you come back to yourself in so many ways.”


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