Shopping Sedona: Explore The Best Sedona Shopping and Shops

Welcome, friend! You’ve come to Shine Sedona Boutique, where shopping in Sedona takes an exciting turn. Our store is not just a shop – it’s an experience. We’ve got a fantastic array of stunning jewelry, custom hats, rare crystals, and ceremonial items waiting for you. We’ve also got healing musical instruments, exclusive apparel, a collection of spiritual tools, and handcrafted art from remarkable local and global artisans.

So you’ve made the journey to Sedona, huh? Well, you’ll certainly want to take a little piece of it back home with you. Our shop offers special keepsakes to remind you of your marvellous Sedona sojourn. And hey, why not spread the joy a bit? Shine Sedona is also the perfect spot to find unique gifts for those special people in your life.

Just a heads up, most of our items are one-of-a-kind creations – so if you spot something that catches your eye, don’t wait around! Whether it’s for you or a loved one, let’s make sure it doesn’t slip away. Shopping will be so much fun as we hunt for the perfect treasures together.

Why don’t we take a little tour? Join us in the heart and soul of Shine Sedona, as she shows you around Sedona’s most cherished high-frequency shopping destination. You’re bound to discover something magical.

If you are coming to Sedona, then be sure to visit our shop. If you just cant wait and want to begin your shopping experience now or want to reorder your favorite Shine items, visit our online shop

Shine – Sedona’s Sanctuary for the Soul, has quickly become known as a world-renowned destination for core healing, personal growth, and soul expansion. Not only will you find some of the best Sedona shopping in our boutique, but we also offer inspirational workshops, private healing sessions, sacred ceremonies, sound healing journeys and more guided by the most extraordinary, world-class Facilitators. Let your body, mind, heart, and soul be nourished.

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A Closer Look at Some of the Most Popular Items in our Shop.

Welcome to your sanctuary for the soul in the heart of Sedona shopping district! Our spot is quickly gaining worldwide recognition as a destination for core healing, personal growth, and soul expansion. But that’s not all we’re about. We’re proud to offer you some of the finest shopping in Sedona right in our boutique.

Inside our shop, you’ll discover an array of inspiring items curated with love. But, we’re not just about the shopping. We’re thrilled to provide inspirational workshops, private healing sessions, and sacred ceremonies led by world-class facilitators. We even have sound healing journeys designed to restore balance and harmony. We’re here to nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul. So, come by soon and let Shine Sedona be your go-to spot for enriching experiences, personal growth opportunities, and of course, the best shopping Sedona has to offer.

Silk Kimonos with Hand-Painted Wings from Bali

You’ve stepped into the divine playground of Shine Sedona, ready to explore the finest Sedona shopping experience. There’s something here for every Goddess or God, like our stunning 100% silk kimonos. Doesn’t it feel amazing when you’re wrapped in wearable art that’s as unique as you are? We believe it changes everything- from the way you carry yourself, to the energy you radiate. It’s as if you’re donning your own set of wings, hand-painted in a medley of delicious colors that whispers a story of Bali.

These aren’t your ordinary kimonos- they’re crafted with love and a dash of cosmic magic, eliciting feelings of regal grace and divine flow. From the moment you let it cascade over your shoulders, our silk kimonos glide around your form like a lover’s touch. It makes you feel radiant, powerful, and all sorts of divine.

The only problem? They’re flying off the racks, and it’s easy to see why. With so many color variations and unique wing designs, picking just one might be the hardest decision you’ve made all week. Will it be the sapphire blue that matches your eyes or the emerald green that reminds you of Bali’s lush landscapes? Whichever ones you choose- and we wouldn’t blame you for getting more than one- we promise it’ll be an adventure in shopping Sedona you won’t soon forget.

So, dive in, embrace your inner Goddess or God, and let’s get you some wings. Together with Shine Sedona, we’re transforming Sedona shopping into a transcendent experience. Let’s turn heads and make the world your runway.

Handcrafted Unique Shamangelic Medicine Hats

Every stunning creation you’ll find at Shine Sedona boasts hand-selected feather arrangements, each adorned with powerful crystal gemstones and eye-catching signature wings hand-sewn onto the back of each hat. These features symbolize a commitment to your personal radiance. What makes these hats even more appealing? They’re handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Shamangelic Medicine Hats! Available in an array of stunning colors, with the added feature of adjustable sizing, these hats are so popular they literally FLY off the shelves.
We love that these unique hats aren’t found in any other shops in Sedona, adding an exclusive touch to your shopping experience. This is why Shine Sedona is your go-to when you’re looking for the best Sedona shopping experience. So why wait? Shop exclusively for these highly sought-after Shamangelic hats at our Shine Sedona Boutique. You’ll love adding something so unique to your wardrobe, and we’re certain you’ll absolutely love the shopping experience.

Shamanic Ceremonial Items: Medicine Bags, Sage Fans, Oracle Decks, Clearing Supplies

At Shine Sedona, we believe in making every day a sacred ceremony – and your shopping experience should be no different. Here, it’s all about discovering those magical, mystical items that’ll enrich and invigorate your daily rituals. From hand-crafted medicine bags tailored in diverse shapes and sizes, to uniquely designed smudge fans exclusive to our store, we’ve got you covered. Want more? How about exploring a myriad of oracle card decks, hand-picked crystals, and sage & palo santo clearing supplies to expand your spiritual journey?

What makes shopping at Shine Sedona even more special is the consciousness behind every artifact. Take our hand-crafted Medicine bags, for example. Every single piece is thoughtfully created by local artisans or sourced from Colombian and Peruvian families. These little bags have stories sewn into them, waiting to be a part of your spiritual voyage.

Come shop at Shine Sedona, where the sacred becomes a part of everyday life, and shopping sparkles with ceremony. Explore Shamanic Ceremonial Items such as Medicine Bags, Sage Fans, Oracle Decks, and Clearing Supplies. We stand proudly to make shopping in Sedona a ceremonious affair for you.

High Frequency Jewelry

There’s no place quite like Sedona when it comes to shopping for high-quality, stunning crystal jewelry creations. Shine Sedona, your go-to destination for the best Sedona shopping and shops, offers a fantastic mix of unique, hand-selected pieces featuring dazzling precious gemstones and distinctive designs.

Our locally made, hand-crafted Leather Medicine Cuff Bracelets at Shine Sedona stand out in the Sedona shopping scene. Each one-of-a-kind piece boasts a special inscription written on the band, precious gemstones, and snakeskin.

What’s more? One of our top sellers, the Brass Golden Eagle Cuff Bracelet, is an embodiment of confidence, radiance, and power. This statement piece is a true testament to the quality and creativity you can expect when you make your Sedona shopping adventure a Shine Sedona experience.

Natural Products for Self-Care Pampering

Here at Shine Sedona, we’re proud to offer you an exquisite line of natural self-care products designed to nurture your body, soothe your mind and uplift your soul. Whether you’re looking for a little ‘me’ time or in search of the perfect gift for a loved one, our array of products offers something for everyone.

Picture this: it’s been a long day, and you’re looking to unwind. Enter our Herbal Bath Salts and Soothing Oils that’ll transform your bath into a luxurious spa-like experience.

Next, light up one of our Essential Oil Candles or Naturally Scented Candles; their tranquil aromas will fill your space, promoting relaxation and peace.

Step up your skincare game with our Crystal Face Rollers. They’re not only a chic addition to your vanity but also help to improve blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and help your skincare products penetrate deeper.

Last but not least, don’t forget to spritz our Soothing Mists for an instant serene and calming atmosphere. Great for on-the-go or to refresh your spaces anytime.

At Shine Sedona, shopping in Sedona is not just about buying—it’s about selecting thoughtfully crafted products that nurture and nudge you towards a more mindful self-care routine.

Anastarr Facial Care and Beauty Line

When Shopping Sedona, let your radiant natural beauty shine forth with Shine Sedona’s Anastarr Facial Care and Beauty Line. We’ve poured heart and soul into these over-the-top skin care products, blending pure, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients that feel as good as they look. We connect with Mother Earth to bring you safe, non-toxic, gluten-free & vegan products that celebrate the delicate balance our skin needs.

Integrity is at the forefront of what we do, which is why our manufacturing process is both green and high integrity cold. No animal testing is involved, making our products purely cruelty-free. If that isn’t enough, Anastarr takes it one step further, hand-crafting each product with love and a deep respect for nature.

Anastarr’s beauty line is more than just skin-deep. It’s an experiential journey, a pathway to heightened senses, a stronger connection with self, and a coherent mind. Allow your inner light to shine brighter as you engage joyfully with the regenerating power of nature through our beauty products.

Our Anastarr Sacred Skin Product Line Includes Creamy Cleanser, Exfoliate, Hydrating Mask, Probiotic Hydrosol Mist, Serum, Eye Cream, Face Oil, Body Oil, Hydrating Lip Balm and Aromatherapy Mist. Surrender to the beauty within while delighting in the care that nature provides.

Oracle Card Decks in our Sedona Shop

Oracle decks can be your steadfast companion as you embark on this profound journey. Empower your perspective on life, feel genuine self-love, trust your intuition, and boost your confidence with one of our oracle decks. With the draw of an oracle card, you can better navigate your life, and tune in to your infinite potential.
Perfect for your morning ritual, sacred ceremony, sharing circle or social gathering.


Adorn your home or sacred space with hand-crafted high frequency art, crystals, statues and more.


  • Shungite and Hand-Painted Wooden Buddhas symbol of peace and tranquility that will infuse your space with its gentle energy.
  • Stunning Crystal Sun Catchers in different creative shapes that capture the sun sparkling through a window or as a decorate wall accent
  • Crystal Chakra Hanging Art that emits the frequencies of clarity, alignement and expansion.
  • Hand crafted natural desert aromatherapeutic candles to infuse any space with relaxing, inspiring or expanding scents
  • Exquisite rare crystals that bring powerful cleansing and healing prosperities wherever they are placed. From crystal hearts to crystal trees

100% Organic Bamboo & Cotton Shine T shirts

You will love the uber soft fabric of our 100% Organic Bamboo & Cotton SHINE signature tees that celebrate your internal radiance and invite others to Shine their light as well. SOOOO adorable with a variety of rich earthy tones. Each super cute tee carries the subtle message – a reminder to yourself and those around you – to radiate your inner light with unwavering brilliance. These shirts become more than fabric; they become a symbol of your ongoing transformation and an invitation to embrace your own radiant glow!

Sound Healing Instruments

Sedona in known for being a mecca for healing services. People come from around the world to experience healing energy of various modalities and shop in our boutique for High Vibe sound instruments for healing and musical expression. We carry the most stunning variety of Crystal Sound Bowls, Zaphir Chimes, Chakra Tuning Forks, Tibetan bowls, Shamanic Hand Drums and Peruvian & Columbian rattles. For yourself, for your family or for your clients, these healing frequencies will shift your life and those around you.

Decadent Gourmet Chocolates & Refreshments

Treat yourself to the most luxurious tantalizing chocolate treasures. From raw organic Buddhas filled with almond butter, rose and mint infused gems, exotic flavors and cacao from around the world. Quench your thirst with refreshing Sedona Spring Water.

Hand-crafted Sprays

Whether clearing or blessing, we have delicious aromas for all occasions. Perfect to shift the energy of a room. Essential for healing sessions or sacred ceremonies

Treat yourself to the most luxurious tantalizing chocolate treasures. From raw organic Buddhas filled with almond butter, rose and mint infused gems, exotic flavors and cacao from around the world. Quench your thirst with refreshing Sedona Spring Water.

Lotus Tinctures

The Lotus Flower is known to calm the mind, deepen meditation & expand awareness, activate flow-state for creativity & inner-knowing. Take a few drops under your tough to activate heart awakening, spiritual connection and inner confidence.

Young Living Essential Oils & Aromatic Diffuser

We carry a range of high-quality essential oils crafted of the finest ingredients by Young Living Oils. Whether you are seeking deep relaxation, upliftment, pain relief, sacred blessing, heart opening, deep healing or immunity support we have you covered. We also carry the Aria diffuser to infuse essential oils with specific intention into any room of your home, healing space or office.

Illuminated Tower Light Fixtures

Illuminated Onyx & Selenite Illuminated Towers offer unique style and decorative radiance to any room.

Sacred Journals to Capture your Thoughts

Before your Shine workshops, ceremonies, or sessions, select one of our beautiful journals to capture your insights. Perfect for daily reflections, capturing ideas, insights and dreams.

The Shopping Experience at Shine in Sedona is like nothing else. Weather you are looking for that perfect jewelry piece, self-care products, ceremonial items or unique attire, we have something for everyone and for gifts for those special in your life.


We are not just a boutique.


In between shopping, enjoy a Tarot Card Reading, Reiki Energy Alignment Sessions, Soul Healing Ceremony, Shamanic Journey or Inspirational Workshop from one of our world-class practitioners.

Visit the Boutique at Shine’s Sanctuary for the Soul today to explore the sacred treasures that are calling you.


If you are coming to Sedona, then be sure to visit our shop. If you just can’t wait and want to begin your shopping experience now or want to reorder your favorite Shine items, visit our online shop!

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You are the one we’ve been waiting for

It’s time to rediscover and activate the light within. Shine is Sedona’s sanctuary for your soul that is dedicated to your healing, growth, and expansion with offerings by world-class practitioners and a stunning onsite boutique gift shop featuring unique hand crafted items.

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